Princess Celestia: Wait, how is she coming down?

…to be continued.


Art by JohansRobot

Big Mac: MMMmmm Apple Tang! Ah I can see the moon from here! 

Art by JohansRobot

Big Mac: At least I wont go hungry either! 


Art by JohansRobot

Big Mac: Don’t say you wouldn’t do the same!!


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Art by JohansRobot

Luna: An earth pony in space! Well haven’t seen that since Celestia got pissed off at that colt in the playground…

Art by JohansRobot

Applejack: We didn’t really think this through did we?

Twilight: Ahh, My hair!!!

Rainbow Dash: My shades! 


Big Mac: What should be mah first thing Ah do up here?

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Art by JohansRobot

Big Mac: Hum, RRRRRRrrrr Shshshshshshshshshshshshshshshsh!!!!! That’s how my rocket’s going to sound like! 

Art by JohansRobot

Granny Smith: Al’right young-in’ have fun! 

Big Mac: Well… I sorta already built it an’ stuff

Art by JohansRobot


Good news: You have achieved flight.
Bad news: I think we packed him a pair of shoes instead of a parachute.

(That joke was terrible but puns are fun)

Guest appearance: Learned Big Mac

…a parachute? He’s going need a paramedic! Hopefully he doesn’t break a bone, but if he does it’ll be humerus.

(Pun are fun. Fact!)

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